AuthentiCA First, Then Connect

AuthentiCA provides certificates suited for the IoT environment such as X.509, IEEE 1609.2, ISO 15118 through a cloud-based certificate issuance service. It can be used in various industries without being limited to customer environment.

Security for Smart Car

Security has raised quite a few concerns with increased car connectivity, cloud access through netwroks, and with online service provisions becoming more common. If someone intentionally causes steering wheel malfunctioning or stops running engines, not only are the lives of drivers put in danger, but of pedestrians too. Smart car security troubles that can lead to loss of lives can become a serious problem.

  • Safe authentication system for devices/facilities
  • Encryption of data in transit
  • Message integrity of data in transit
  • Provision of authorized user identification and authentication system

Security for Smart Factory

The aspect of security gained significance with the increased number of smart factories and connection between devices. The use of certificates also multiplied as the importance of integrity rose for data in transit, and remote control commands. The following security benefits arise from using certificates in smart factory environments.

  • Device counterfeit prevention and device authentication through H/W based certificates
  • Integrity of data in transit
  • Integrity verification of Software/Firmware in devices
  • Provision of authorized user identification and authentication system

Security for Smart Home

Security threat concerns are increasing with numerous releases of smart home related IoT devices. Thus, ways to increase security of such devices should be considered. Utilizing certificates for domestic IoT devices helps create a safe smart home environment.

  • Device identification/authentication system using device certificates
  • Safe PKI based encryption system
  • Authorized user identification using private certificates
  • Message integrity verification of transmitted commands