Free SSL Service

We provide free SSL certificates for secure internet access. Visitors to your websites can trust that sensitive information exchanged online remains encrypted and safe from hackers.

Getting HTTPS for your websites typically starts with a verification process to prove your domain ownership. Thereafter, you’re required to manually upload the SSL certificate files to your web server and repeat the process for renewal regularly.


However, all these processes like domain validation, certificate installation, and renewal are automated for AuthentiCA users.

What is SSL?

The Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is a protocol for encrypting communication between a visitor and web server. The SSL certificate should be installed in the web server.

Why use SSL?

Without SSL, communication between a visitor and web server can be exposed to unauthorized and potentially malicious agents. To protect visitor information and other application data, encrypt all communication through SSL so that data is readable only by desired parties.

Do users have to purchase an SSL certificate beforehand?

No. SSL certificates are issued to all websites for free to encrypt communication between devices and server.

Is Free SSL reliable?

AuthentiCA’s SSL Service is integrated to facilitate issuance of Let’s Encrypt certificates, which are cross-signed by IdenTrust. End certificates are accepted by all major browsers.